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SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 497

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CH# 496
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Today, as an Olympic special of sorts, I drew Khun playing volleyball

The palette is a combo he's been using a lot

This kind of a palette is based on a great master named Kim Hyeong-Tae, so people my age tried his style at least once if they were visual artists

Although it's not very original for me to do it, it was still an interesting study and fun too

I wish the best of luck to all Korean athletes in the Olympics ^^, Fighting! ​In the Yama vs Yasracha front

I'm not sure if this supposed to be called round 2 or round 1, but I like thinking about it as round 1

In their last bout, Yasracha had the upper hand, and there was no winner either

Yasracha is very strong

His form after going through Metamorphosis feels like life that's transcended life

one whose flesh and blood

is unneeded

That was the vibe I was going for

That was the only thing that I could have imagined Yama, who is an unfailing pillar of a man, being afraid of

I'm not sure if it came off well

A lot is changing around me these days

Some of it could be things that I've been putting off blowing up finally hehe

I think the most difficult thing about making a long-running work is perhaps not changing

Actually, sometimes I do want to try something completely different a lot, but that's also too hard

But be it manhwa or webtoons, it's all very hard but also fun

​ Well, I hope you guys all have a happy week, stay healthy, and I'll be heading in

Stay happy, thank you ^^
CH# 496
CH# 498
SIU Blog Post Translation Chapter 497

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